Monday, January 3, 2011

troisième Jour

 The third day of the nine mornings, you might actually think I look so overrated with this whole look in just by going to the church, well I didn't actually wore the big bow and the petticoat since wearing those would surely be a headturner ( I surmised in a negative way, as if like I'm carrying a banner saying-look-at-me* definitely so absurd*, I think I would die first before doing that) and I actually hate catching  people's attention, as you may know it, I'm a self proclaimed social awkward. Yes, indeed. I tend to be so uncomfy  with people surrounding me. Idon't know what to do nor what to say. I simply suck when it comes to socializing.  
A skill or I guess a gift I totally lack myself.

This dress is a thrift find, it only cost 10php, it was actually so dirty when I picked it up form a pile of dirty, foul smelling thrift clothes ( just a quirky habit of me to enjoy finding treasures from a pile of rancid trash) 
the prints captured my eyes, and I was a bit amused that its size is just perfect for my build, like there's a no need to throw another cash for some repair/resizing.

The petticoat was self made. I was so lucky that my friend gave me the textile. She thought I might find something to do with it and I just  proved her right.:) I forgot to mention that my sewing skill, I mean hand sewing is not that good ( I'm ashamed to admit that until now I still don't know how to use a sewing machine, though I badly really wanted to learn ) 
if you'll only see the how the petticoat was sewn, it is a total hugger-mugger, such a not so good to look at.
I really hope that one day my sewing skill will be as good so that I can sew more clothes.

 This is actually not a hair bow, it's actually a bow tie I bought from a local dept store in our town.
I really wanted to buy a different color aside from this one but it was too expensive for me to buy another
( I mean FOR ME, since I'm as poor as a rat. I'm still dependent from my parents, yeah it sucks.) 
I hope someday I'll be able to buy a dozen of this bow..
someday ^_______________^


aka Procne said...

why did you forego the bow??? Php10? We should totally go together sa ukayukay!!

firefly in the summer noon said...

soon jade, kuyog ta magthifting ha? ^_______^...feeling man gud naq catchy ra keu kung magbow pa q..hehhe..uu, tag 10 ra ni nga dress...