Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cinquième jour

The fifth day of the nine mornings. Lately I've been addicted to listening to old songs, songs from the 1920's or 1930's.
I'm so fascinated by their soulful voices, listening to their songs is like immersing myself to their era. Singers such as 
Marion Harrison, Louise Brooke, Rina Kitty, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and the Mesdames Francais
Frehel and Edith Piaf. They are my song inspiration for the moment. WEEEW!!!! It feels like I'm a whole new person right now, everything I like before just fades into a mere a memory now. I no longer enjoy the stuff I badly adore before. It's like I had an amnesia. I just woke up one day and viola!! I'm no longer myself.
But I kindda like what's happening right now, it's making my life a lot interesting XD 
Reinventing myself for beyond awesomeness ^_____^. 
how'd ya like it? :P

this red dress was a gift from my mom a year ago. At first I was actually not liking this dress since I don't like the style but later when I tried fitting onto it,I realized that it was okay, the color of the dress is 
quite becoming though :D
This is actually a very simple look I didn't Excessorize much because the dress is already striking due to its color, a hue of red colors undulating when the dress is swaying, so I just wore a not-so-catchy earrings for the finishing touch :D

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