Sunday, March 6, 2011


Last VDAY I was so busy watching movies, eating bananas and anything edible and cleaning my messy room too. While arranging my books I saw a Grade 2 writing pad and as curious I am, I started reading what was written on it, it was mostly school stuffs and what to do's but there was this note that really made me so surprised reading it. I think I wrote it way back on 2008 after watching Angelina Jolie's WANTED movie.
 So here's the note :

Every scene was so breath-taking, leaving me always gasping for breath. I always have that " mouth wide open look" everytime Angelina moves... Well, she's really a goddess, the hottest chic in the world for me. Everytime she give that sexy look and when her lips curved, I can't stop thinking on how she'll probably put the world on fire.
Aside from enjoying watching Angelina's cool stunts, I was also awaken by Wesley Gibson's ( Shia Lebouf ) learned lesson; that it's a big no-no to say sorry all the time. Saying sorry all the time is just a sign of inferiority. People will just think that you're weak and there's this possibility that they will not value your worth nor give you the rightful respect you deserve..Here's one thing too, sometimes we need to be true to our emotions, like if we're angry then we should let it show instead of keeping it. It is terribly wrong to keep all our feelings to ourselves all the time, it might just explode. .... While having these realizations, a thought suddenly came up, a very brilliant idea XD : I'd like to learn the shooting technique in the movie so that I will be able to help eliminate those freakin' evil guys so that no more hearts will be broken and no more eyes will be crying and it will only be a survival of the stick-to-one and loyal males. In that way I think I can lessen up the miseries and pain pollution in our society.

So this is me during 2008, I was actually allergic to males, specifically those heartbreakers, maybe it was a repercussion of the one painful experience I had way back when I was still 16.
 It was a very painful experience maybe because it was my first time to feel something extraordinary towards someone and that someone left me hanging. He was so rude that he even deprived me with an explanation of his sudden change of emotion.
Despite his cruelty it is still hard for me to hate him nor forget him, I remember crying every night, heart beating so fast as If I'm drowning every time I see him walking past from me, looking at me as if he don't know me. It took me years, almost 4 years to forget the pain he's caused.
Today every time I reminisced those dark ages, it just make me laugh how foolish and impish I was before.
Though that experience was excruciatingly painful
 I am still thankful because it just made me mature enough to be able to let go.
 It made me realized too that I am a strong woman able to handle difficulties and pains like a boss :D

 The lace top was a gift from a friend( my mom's bestfriend) and the skirt was an old thrift- find. 
I think I bought it way back 2006 but I never wear it cause I forgot about it's existence in my closet :))

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Keith said...

seriously breath-taking @_@ she'z my ultimate crush :D