Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Late Post^.^

This is what I wore last last week in church, this dress is my ultimate fave thrift find, I couldn't believe that this fairy like dress only cost 2 bucks ( 100php and i was able to make tawad for it that makes it 90php..)..
The cardigan I wear was from a local store here in our town, i was attracted to it because of the color and as well the quality of the fabric used. It was also a cheapfind so I grabbed it and never let it!!!

P.S: please excuse my face here, I really look horrible when i do not smile, much more I'm not really good in modelling clothes..hahaha

this sandal from Mario D' Boro was a gift from my mom, i was a bit disappointed coz' i was hoping for a silver colored than a black one but anyways it's a gift so i'm still so happy to received it.
 P.S: oh please excuse me messy room..hehehe


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