Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hermes Fingerskate

Hermes + fingerskate = FAB

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


 As I was reading The Holland Herald magazine, my attention was caught by this stolen picture of sailor kissing a nurse in the middle of the parade during the celebration of the end of The WWII in Times Square. When I googled it, I found out that this photo was captured on August 14, 1945 by Alfred Eisenstaedt for the LIFE magazine.It was said that the sailor in this picture was kissing every woman in New York’s Times Square, and the nurse, named Edith Shain, was said to be married to another man. Too bad the sailor has never been identified.
           Last August 14, 2010 this famous and powerful single iconic image celebrates his 65 years of inspiring people^^…

Every August 14, couples celebrate the V-J Day by reenacting the famous   kiss that became an iconic image.<3 <3 <3

  Gotta go to Times Square and do this next year or so…LOL!!!
but yeah maybe it's there where I can find that one soul that will complete me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Miss Dior Chérie - 45s official version HD - long version

Everything I love is in this video, the scent of summer, the carefree feeling of being a girl , french macaroons, colorful balloons and most especially strolling around the city of Paris ( ultimate dream)...
truly Sofia Coppola's directing skills is awesome.

Lanvin for H&M - The Show (Promo 2011)

Love the quirkiness of the video, love how the models move... I WANT LANVIN not Diamonds^^

2nd day in Bohol ^_______^

 Another late post, i was supposed to post this longgggg time ago..hehe 
so here's some of the photos
 we had during our second day in Bohol.
I was like so vain during that time so pardon  me if you'll see most of my pro-emetic face.
Our second day in Bohol was so tiring yet so fun, we went all the hot spots in Bohol, it was a very hectic day.
         Our first stop was in Baclayon Church, a very old church it was was built way back 1727. 
It was constructed during the Spanish occupation and the first Spanish missionaries (called doctrineros)  settled in the area around 15th century.

I was like cam -whoring during those idle times.:P

this is how the old church looks outside

The interior design of the church was superb, it was like travelling to the past and feeling the vibe of the 15th century.
I suddenly have this quirky feeling of I was like I was in this place before like a De'javu.
or maybe I was just so overwhelmed by the place that's why I was feeling it.
Imagine I was able to see, feel and touch the stuffs that the people from the 15th century are seeing, feeling and touching.^____^

Imagine how would the padre react if someone would be wearing like this during confessions..
it would actually brought horror or much worst rage to the padre's..hehe

I wonder how many Maria Clara's sitting in this confession room?
I could imagine their long dresses with their belo's like the one's I've seen in the old movies..

they called this small stair as Pulpito, I remember reading this word from Noli me Tangere.
It is where sometimes the kura stands and have his sermons.

We had our lunch at this floating Resto, the whole duration of the luch was so entertaining, there was a band that plays oldies song , they even played a japanese song ( the one I can't stop playing on my mind, i just fell in love with the song after hearing it) for those japanese tourists.
the view was awesome, you can get to see the old buildings dating during the spaniards occupation, it was also those buildings where the movie Panaghoy sa Suba was shoot.
It was a very nice feeling being able to relive or even to witness those relics, such treaures.

of course the mother and the father was enjoying every bit of the view ^___^

my brother at the center , cousin at the right side and my older sister at the left corner.

the local folks entertained us with their local dance and songs and it was really fun watching their kids and the elders dancing their local dance^^

 After lunch we headed to the infamous Chocolate hills, the view was so superb, it was so unbelieving that those hills were just neatly and well patterned and arranged as if a giant made it.
It was so breath taking.

There was a wishing well there and so i grab the chance to make a wish, it was so cool cuz' after wishing you need to ring the bell which will echo the whole area after ringing it. It was like calling for those wishing Gods to make our wishes come true ( I really hope it will come true).

after our chocolate Hills escapde we went to this Butterfly garden

 I think I really have this quirky thing in which i really love taking pictures of my shoes.

We then headed to this place for Tarsier viewing, tarsiers were the smallest monkey and they only exist in the philippines
they're really cute and i was really planning to grab one tarsier and put in my bag, too bad i wasn't able to do that, i was scared to go to jail :P

after enjoying our Tarsier bond we then headed to this place where there is this long hanging bridge and at the end there was this local market where there were loads of local stuffs for sale,
 I bought 2 indigenous earrings, i totally love it.  ( sorry i wasn't able to take a photo of my purchased).

after that dizzying hanging bridge experience we went to a local house who's pet is so unique,
a local was taking care a python which is said to be the largest one in the philippines, they called the python Prony, such a girly name.
I was playing brave at that time and I went to Prony's cage alone for a precious picture taking.^^

After a scary bond with prony, we went to this historical place for all boholanos, They called this as the Blood compact of Sikatuna, it is where in this very place the blood compact happens during the 15th century.
I was like having a good toast with those historical statues..hehe

the mother and the father look like they're just dating <3

Before heading to Panglao, we first stopped by to the mall to eat ( my fave part..hahaa) and to buy some souvenirs.

tandadadaddadannnn!!!! so Here's PANGLAO!!! it was so surreal, I love how the smell of the sea ignites an excitement in me..the place was so crowded in a way that is not annoying or disturbing.
It was also my first time to witness a fire dance, i was like a kid so amused that i can't stop smiling while watching the fire dancer dances.

oh, you might wonder what's with this photo, uhmmm I thought I'd only satisfy my eyes with the superb views but unexpectedly my hypothalamus or should I say my heart was filled with butterflies cuz of this one guy's smile..yeah, he smiled at me, He only smiled at me thrice. I just can't stop myself becoming stupid, going giggly with those smiles.
LOL at me, but yeah i honestly like the feeling i felt when I stare at him smiling at me, i love those eyes staring at me.
too bad it was only a very quick acquaintance :( :( :(....and unluckily i only had a picture of his back 
( what the hell, i was so preoccupied with that dreamy feeling that I wasn't able to take a photo of him)
I really hope I'll be able to see those smiles again.
 at the end of the night, it was still his smiles that filled my brain, those smiles were running from  neuron's to neurons.

i hope the stars will lead my way to those smiles again. <3.