Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quatrième jour

The fourth day of the nine mornings, the day where I saw my girl crush in the church, not only that, but I sat in blithe beside her.Eeeek!!! Imagine!!!, for all those years that I've been liking her, I was given this great opportunity though even if it's just for an hour 
( it was only then I was hoping that Holy Mass would end up long ) to be so close to her, I mean an inch close to her. Contrary to the ecstatic feeling brought by her close proximity to my being, I was also very jittery, so self- conscious and above all I was so confused on what to do or better say "what should I supposed to do." 
Though I forgot to mention that she's not alone, she was with her girlfriend. But I don't care, really.
I was just so glad at the thought of holding her hands, feeling her soft palms to mine,
was just enough for me.
( we hold hands during singing the Our Father song).
the whole experience was like an early Christmas present for me :D
Thank you Santa, I mean Lord :D

 So much about my romantic experience.Eeek!!!! HAHAHA!!!
 I bought this floral dress for only 35php, it actually cost 75php but I manged to find ways for cheaper price. 
There was a big hole at the right area of the dress ( the reason why it became 35php from 75php ) but it's actually manageable by hand sewing so it's a no big deal for me.
I was really happy to have this dress since lately I've been lusting for floral dresses and finding the right one was a no easy task. I've got to roam around the whole town's stores but ending so defeated with nothing on my hand. Luckily thrift stores existed, a haven for those who are afraid to commit unlawful wearing-a- mass production-clothes, I mean those clothes you can see anywhere, in every stores, on anyone you would bump on the street , on parties, on church as I've said ANYWHERE.

 The vintage locket I recently purchased from online, my first online buy :)
Lately I've been eyeing vintage trinkets, I just can't help but fell in love to their cuteness and classiness.
I hope I'll receive such this Christmas* fingers crossed* :D

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