Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's been years since I really wanted to have my own Blog and luckily now that I'm done with my school I totally have all my time time and so bring it on^^

Today I'm sitting at my couch watching the raindrops falling through my window,it's always raining since the july month came. I realized that it was a week since I had my NLE and still my knees are trembling everytime I think of the upcoming results...Oh no!! I'm really scared to fail.. Oh God please Help me T_T..

But anyways instead of worrying too much and wasting my time with this anxiety I drown myself surfing the net 24/7 and accidentally I opened y2-hiro's flicker account and I was so amazed by his photos.His collection was marvelous, he was able to capture the spirit of the scene; looking at his photos is like being on the same place experiencing the same feeling... I think I'm a hiro fan now^^..hehe