Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sixième jour

The sixth day of the nine mornings.I've been trying to learn singing ROSAS PANDAN. I admit I'm a terrible singer, I sing all the notes flatly, my voice is just simply a noise. But still I'd like to learn it since it's a song sang by my folks. It's not that i'm obliged but there is this urge for me to sing it with pride ( wow!! I rhymed XD)
Lately as I've posted earlier, I've been feeling anew and being a patriotic is one of those changes in me.
So I hope I'll be able to master this magestic song ( yeah , really no biased :D).


Ani-a si Rosas Pandan
Gikan pa intawon sa kabukiran
Kaninyo'y makiguban-uban
Ning gisaulog ninyong kalingawan
Balitaw da'y akong puhunan maoy kabilin sa akong ginikanan
Awit nga labing karaan nga garbo sa atong kabukiran
Tikading tikading tikading
Ay-ay sa 'tong balitaw
Maanindot pa mo sayaw
Daw yamog ang kabugnaw
Tikading tikading tikading
Intawon usab si Dodong
Nagtan-aw kang Inday
Nagtabisay ang laway
Pray for me that I would be able to give justice in singing this song XD

So the lace dress and the black overcoat are another thrift finds, that only cost 50php each. An awesome bargain I had :D. I just let the lace dress loose freely cuz' I wanted to have an insouciant vibe of this look. Wearing a belt would add bulk to my wasitline, which is so unbecoming for me since it's already bulky in my tummy area ( the results of too-much-eating). Eeeek!!!
I really wanted to post an upclose shot for the details of the lace dress but I was too silly to forget taking a shot of it.
To add a statement to this look, I layered the 2 trinkets,  the smaller was a vintage, it was actually from my grandmother, she owns it while she was still unmarried, uhm.. in my calculation this bauble is about 60 years old. GOSH!!!
 ( my priceless treasure XD) and the longer one was a self bought graduation gift :D ( I rewarded myself from all the sleepless nights I've endured during my college years, not bad for a gift though from a penniless girl ^__^ )

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