Saturday, December 25, 2010

Deuxième jour

On the second day of nine mornings, it rained so hard and it was very cold so I decided to wear a cardigan over my Green dress.
I totally enjoyed listening to our parish priest's homily. It was so humorous and at the same time an eye-opener too. It was like I was laughing at my own fault, laughing at those mistakes I once or habitually committed. It really feels good to hear and contemplate on God's words. It feels like the huge hunch from my heart was slowly melting.
I'm really looking forward for the next day's homily ^__________^.

The green dress only cost about 25php but it cost me lot for resizing it, since the original size was way too big for me. That's actually a common problem in purchasing clothes from a thrift shop, once you see something you like, you cannot ask for your size, it's like take it or leave. A sad reality from thifting.

The purple cardigan was from a local store in our town. I'm starting to patronized that store lately, I've been buying there more often than I thought. Well, the store sells cardi's and accessories in a  a cheaper price than those from other stores around the city.

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Annebeth said...

beautiful dress and I love the colorcombo! :)