Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First day of the Nine Mornings^^

It's the start of the Simbang gabi, and I'm really uber excited about it, I mean throughout my existence I never tried completing the Nine Mornings. 
I was so busy before and waking up so early is so hard to do ( *really hard, I mean sleeping before during my college years  is a luxury*) since I have school after or a clinical duty, I was extremely deprived of my time before but not now that I'm already done with school XD.
So to make any difference I'd like to complete the nine mornings. Yes, indeed. I also have another agenda why I'd like to complete it, aside from the fact that Simbang gabi is a tradition, it's also very famous for it's sacred " wish come true thingy" . I mean elders say that once you complete the nine mornings your wish will come true. 
Though it isn't 100% reliable but still it's a win-win for me, I get to go to church for nine days and if I'll be lucky my wish will also come true, either way it's greatly okay for me ^___^.

This is the first dress that I designed it myself, the details of the dress is super simple and feminine ( I was way too girly during those years though..LOL!!)
Gladly I was able to wear again this dress after 2 years..
Luckily it still fits me ^^. 

can't wait for the succeeding days of the Simbang Gabi, I  really hope I'll be able to complete it.  
         Goodluck to me ^___^.


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