Saturday, December 18, 2010

A spooky way to kill some time

My friends ( Mia, Lanie and Gie) and I feel so bored  so we ended up doing something spooky and entertaining.
So we came up with the idea of taking photos in this scary, secluded area in the city.We were hoping to capture something creepy :D but we ended up imitating ( in our own strangest way ) those editorial type poses..*pukinglaugh*hahaha 
Pardon me if this post seems to be so narcissistic.
Sometimes vanity just strikes my blood bringing most of it to my brain.*vanity-brain attack*

the starting area where we start walking looking for a nice spots for photo taking^^

preparing to change my sneakers for some not-so-comfy- heels

 this is the one I post at chictopia. 

I really suck at pouting my lips, I look so gross. ( well, sometimes self -criticism is healthy :D)

Here's Lanie, she's really good in posing, she really has a great potential in modelling.
as evidenced by this photo.

we wander through the vastness of darkness searching for a nicer place to shoot.
we look like we're running away from home :D

 We found this monkey bars and our quirky minds never waste the opportunity to play with it, fiercely
 posing, internalizing the act of modelling. ( subjectively speaking though, in case you might object XD). 

Do these photos look creepy???

This was the most enjoyable and funniest part . Lanie and I we're just like fooling around. 

here's some of my fave of Lanie's photos ^_____^.

 We were so tired and  hungry from our adventures and so we ate our late dinner like monsters deprived from eating for months...hahaha


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