Sunday, October 24, 2010

First day In Bohol ^________________________________________^

Oh maybe you're wondering why I took a picture of this antique mini rocking chair, well, it's because when I first arrived in my sister's flat this little one caught my attention. It really looks so lovely in person..yeah, it really does^^..

this is another late posts ( as usual, since i'm such a lazyhead :P).so my family had a vacation in Bohol last 
Oct 1-3, 2010. We went there to bond as a family and most especially to visit my sister who was working there for her 4 year residency.

actually, i also have my own agenda in this vacation *evil laugh^^* you may know, I'm still single at this age ( yeah, I know I'm 20 yet I feel like I'm 16, sweet 16) so i was hoping to find love in this place, well I'm just hoping though^___^.

oh the loving mother ^__________^

oh vanity strikes me at this point * forgive me^^*

 the mother and the father <3.

oh this is the bag i totally love to buy at their local dept. store but too bad i was so broke at that time

Oh this one is so creepy , I really can't believe that this is a true frog made into a bag
they just killed the poor frog and preserved it and made it as a bag..
imagine what if this frog was someone else's prince?? or maybe my prince??omg!!!
I lost all my soon-to-be-love story because of this creepy, barbaric business..

 more nice to buy stuffs ^___^

my sister and I^__________^

my ever loved thrifted oxfords ^________^

 I really love the PAYAG's interior design, it's so filipino ans most of all so comfy and cozy.
also I love their food especially their chicken BBQ.

my sister and my beloved cousin^^

we went to a cowboy restaurant for dinner and I *as usual* can't help myself taking a photo of the 
outer part of the resto. ^_____^

the cowboy stuffs they put on the wall and it really amazes me

the kids who happily played the cowboy horse..i was really wanting to have a ride with that horse but
unluckily I was wearing a dress and I will be looking so asinine for doing it. 
so i was really2x trying my best to behave that night..hehe

Oh i was really amazed by their chandeliers, it was so unique and beautiful
I'd like to have that in our house..

that thing scares me..arghhh.. i really thought it was a real man who tries to jump...

LOL!! i really look so funny here!!! I wonder what i was thinking during this moment..



Rochelle Blue said...

the frog purse creeped me out too. . . oh dear, I really hope that wasn't your prince!
but you have a very lovely blog!

-Rochelle Blue

firefly in the summer noon said...

oh, that creeped me out too...thank you so much for appreciating my blog rochelle^^

and oh, I'd be very glad if i'll be able to read some of your writing works^^