Sunday, October 10, 2010

a tribute to Ralph Lauren's Lone Ranger

Oh this is another late posts*I'mreally2xlazysometimes, yeah,sometimes:P*...During the fashion week the one thing that really lingers my hypothalamus was Ralph Lauren's collection. It was so surreal and magical ( well, for my opinion though) I was really captivated by every detail of each collection. it was one of the best for me. And so when i woke up that morning my mind is still filled with the collecton and so i decided to make my own version of it..hehehe

 Most of these stuffs are my thrift find.
the oxfords i wear was an awesome find, it was still so new when i bought it from a thrift shop
and it only cost for 2 bucks ( 100php) i can't believed it at first that i Bought such wonderful shoes for
a bargain.:P

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