Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun Thursday^_____________________________^

Oh I was supposed to post this last sept 13, 2010 and yeah as laziness strikes me again I wasn't able to post this on

I was with my friend Kara and my frenemy Omar, we were trying to have a passport photo for our upcoming registration in PRC and yeah we wander after having our photos taken^^

we were so quirky that we tried to take a picture of the Car at the mall, it feels so stupid posing in front of it while the people passing looks at you..hehe

my frenemy Omar and I posed like we own the car^____^

After the we stupidity we had we were so hungrythen that we landed on this food chain and ate like a monster..haha

I was showcasing my DIY bracelet, thanks to Caroline's BLog^^

 Omar was actually acting out like he didn't like posing with the disney princesses but I know that he's really happy to have a pic with them..P

After having our Monstrous snack we headed to a store to buy my mom's shopping list ( a super unique shopping list: insect chalk, fern, 1/2 kilo of nails)...

Kare was really a shutterbag and so she took a candid pic of me while looking for an insect chalk.

My mom's fern^_______________________^

 oh Omar and I were possessed again by 2 quirky ghosts and we shamelessly posed in this

Omar gave me a kick he called his uber-friendly-loving -kick..does it look he's enjoying giving me a kick??..haha..he's really a FRENEMY

and at the end of the day, after all the fun and stupidity we had, we were so hungry again..Another monstrous snack for us..OMO!!OMO!! My belly tummies are getting bigger and bigger..hahaha

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