Friday, March 4, 2011

jour de Noël

Christmas day ^___^. I think 2010 was the happiest Christmas ever since 2005 ( though Christmas during my childhood years was the best ever ).  I don't have any reasons why it is the happiest, I just felt it. It's just one of those moments where you can't stop reminiscing. Everything that night was so serene and calm, Happines was just in our hearts, no words needed for us to exclaim to let each family members know how ecstatic we were for being together :)
I hope we will still be this happy for the incoming years.

This polka dot dress was thrifted and it only cost 30php ( yeah, I was so surprised by the price too XD) I couldn't even believe it at first, I kept on asking the seller just to confirm the price ( there's nothing wrong in being sure :D). The fabric was still good as new, it really look so conspicuously new, it was like it came straight from the tailor's shop. It was perfectly fit for my figure and I totally adore the style, it's so classy. It has a vintage-y vibe, it looks like it's from a 40's or 50's where dresses were A- line in shape with a flowing calf- length skirts.
I was supposed to wear a pearl necklace but my mom said no, she said I should make the look a little more contemporary ( I must obey the mother :D) so I ended up wearing a vintage necklace
from my grandmother and  vintage earrings from my mother ( her collection during her college days).
I Just can't help myself being addicted to vintage stuffs.
   Somebody should stop me now.Eekk!!!


Anonymous said...

cute dress!!!

firefly in the summer noon said...

thank you ^__^ I visited your blog and I totally love your outfit posts :)