Friday, March 4, 2011

huit et neuvième jour

A super late post, my apology. For the very very first time I was able to complete the nine mornings mass and  it feels so great. It feels like I achieve something. Attending the ninth day mass was like a celebration, everything's sparkling with happiness, the atmosphere was filled with kindness and everyone's wearing their big smile.
The happiest day ever :)

This red dress was  a gift from my mom. I feel so lazy that day that I just wear the dress as it is, no style tips pop out from my mind and so I just wear the dress plainly.

I wore this pink dress in the ninth morning. This is one of my fave from my closet, I just love the fitting, it's just so perfect for my size. I also love how it makes me look not fat. This is just a simple look yet I think classy, no need to excessorise, just don't forget to wear the two basic accessories : CONFIDENCE and your Pretty SMILE. ^____^

though I said earlier to not to forget wearing smiles, forgive me if I'm not smiling in most or all of my photos, such an irony of what I was talking earlier..LOL!!! 

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