Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am, I am, I am a ZOMBIE

 My friend Nina and I decided to conduct a semi photo shoot ( we were just messing around with ourselves cuz' we know we will never have this kind of moment  since we'll be pretty busy soon with our career life). So we decided to wear something unusual for us, like something we do not normally wear everyday, something we feel awkward and uncomfy wearing .
 I decided to momsen-fy myself ( lately I am so smitten by Taylor Momsen's songs and fashion statement, I love her raccoon -like eyes, it's so mesmerizing :D) and wear a short shorts though it's not that uber short, 
( my parents do not allow me to wear short shorts, *don't ask me why*, I don't even  know  what's the rationale behind  it  O.o).

This bat- winged  BCBG MAXAZRIA top was a thrift find and it only cost 25php. I couldn't believe it even in my most dense dream that I will own a BCBG MAXAZRIA piece in a very cheap price. 
The top was still apparently new, that's why I was in awe when I bought it. 
Such a great bargain  ^___^

I actually look so awkward striking this pose, I don't know why I even strike this pose either O.o

So here's Nina :), I styled her with an off to work-ready to party look. She said she's not really into wearing this kind of style since like me we casually settled ourselves with a shirt, jeans and sneakers and viola we're off to go. She's really stunner right? ^.^

Such a pretty face  ^_________^. 
I couldn't even stop myself capturing more beauty shots from her.

Viola!! Viola!!!! Viola!!!

In our second look, I decided to wear something contrasting.
 I wore a victorian inspired  top paired with a rugged-looking shorts to make the look a little bit edgy and contemporary at the same time.

Nina decided to wear something androgynous, she said something that is so her.
So I paired her sweet sleeveless top with a plaid jacket to make the look a little more masculine and I also added the aviators for the finishing touch.
She still looks hot in an androgynous look right ?

and at the end of the shoot we took a some selcas :)
I am really lucky to have such a nice friend and a confidante in her.