Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little miss sunny hat

It's Sunday and my parents are out,( as always^^). It was raining all day and so I was a bit sad.I just hate the rain*before I was like super mad happy when it rains.haha*
So to cheer up myself  I dressed up with this look that popped out from my head as I was washing the dishes after lunch.
I wore this sunny hat I bought a week ago*IwasreallyhopingforaBOWLERHATbutIcan'tafforditsoIjustboughthisSUNNYHAT*
Lately, I'm somewhat liking bows and menswear^^.
Do I look cute???haha

LOL!! my awkward-robot-like pose..haha

lots, lots, lots of love^^


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Keith said...

ultrakawaii ^__^