Monday, August 23, 2010

The 4 styles I'd love to incorporate in my look this year^^

  1. Crazy Eyewears
Wearing these Chainful Sunglasses would really make me a headturner ( in a negative way I guess)  in the City

 Circles are now  in, well, it just depends on your facial shape, though you cAN REALLY WEAR IT IF YOU BADLY LIKE IT,  WHO CARES ANYWAY?? ayt??

2. One-of-a-kind Headdresses

Floral head dresses will surely make your day as lovely as the flowers^^

Tribal like head bands would make your look more fantastico^^

3. socks + heels = PERFECTO <3

4.Project Dandy and Androgynous looks <3

I think I'm in love with all the manly things/apparel right at this moment.

I'm really looking forward to have a hat like what she's wearing

 I heart her suspender and pants :)

 he's just soooo ADORABLE^^. .
I'd like to wear this kind of style soon, roaming around our not so Fashion Oriented city..haha 

Another kind of a hat i'm craving to own^^

<3 her boots..:)

sooo Parisian^^

her tattered jeans is just as fabulous as her look XP

She's just soooo Adorable, 
I sooo heart her bow tie and her boots^^ just sooo perfecto!!!

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