Friday, August 20, 2010

when you're broke you tend to do asinine stuffs

Here is an evidence of our asinine behaviour last August 15..haha ( from Right to left: me, geraldine & mia), we're supposed to have a a photo shoot for mia and my old clothes that we're looking forward to sell in the net...but it ended up mia & geraldine buying my clothes and me purchasing mia's clothes..haha..

Before we had our photo shoot we first watch a movie " AFTER LIFE " starred by Christina Ricci and Justin Long, I really thought that this movie will entertain us but in the contrary it totally got into our nerves..Argghhh... it was a real waste of our time...
I was like so horrified in this pic while geraldine was so happy O.o ..I wonder why geraldine's smiling when the movie was so horrifying??..hahaha

Tantadadadadadadadan!!!! so here's our evidence for our unlawful foolishness..LOL!!! though we really ate our pride just to try to sell these clothes..

I was like startled at this pic..haha

Geraldine's a korean wannabe in this pic..haha...

Here's some of mia's expertise, i really can't stop admiring her. Posing was just like a natural reflex for her compared to us ( hehe Geraldine and me) in which we were so odd in executing those vogueEllecouture2x poses, honestly it was harder than I thought...

OMG!!! I look totally dumb in this pic...forgive me for spoiling your day due to this unbecoming scene..hehe

oHH!! those adipose tissues in my stomach is so visible..haha

Geraldine <3

Another of Mia's natural reflex^^ IsoooLoooveIt <3

OHH!! this 2 piece dress is still for sale..^^...the price is still negotiable..hehe

OHH!! pardon me again with this not unpleasant pic..haha..yeah, really I'm serious..sorry^^

I hope you enjoy our foolishness..XD

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